Parenting Classes

The t’ween and teen years can be a perplexing time not just for kids but for parents as well. Start building a practical understanding of your child’s behaviors from the perspective of a adolescent’s unique emotional and social needs.  In the The Parent’s Edge Bootcamp learn proven easy-to-implement strategies to re-establish control and reclaim peace and love, and change the family dynamics in your household

Throughout the Eight Modules you will learn how to use research-based strategies to effectively:

  • Eliminate hassles over homework, curfew, dress, chores, and more.
  • Improve school attendance and academic performance
  • Use preventative rather than reactive parenting strategies
  • Identify and address the warning signs of drug, alcohol or tobacco use, gang affiliation, suicide, and eating disorders.
  • Troubleshoot underlying family issues creating discord such as different parenting styles, latch-key circumstances, divorce, single and step parenting.
  • Address bullying, threats of violence, suicide, and running away.

This program is offered on-line  and can be provided at your school, church or community center. Call 916-729-0737 for details.