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Hundreds of frazzled parents, tired of the drama and chaos in their home and weary from the constant war waged as their teen strives for independence, sing the praises of Karen Rothstein’s real-world solutions and no-nonsense parenting strategies.  And it is from those strategies and solutions that Teens on the Edge was born.

karen rothstein parenting coach teens on the edgeKaren is well-known for her non-judgmental acceptance of “what –is,” coupled with her compassion and truth-telling candor.   Her clients affectionately refer to her as “Dr. Phil in heels.”  No matter how clients describe her, they regularly welcome the benefits they get from working with Karen.  With Karen as a catalyst and a member of the “family team”, clients are able to laser-target problem situations and diffuse the chaos in their homes.  This results in allowing parents to reconnect with their ‘tween or teen, and learn the precise skills to parent the “Y Generation,” helping kids get back on track and heading toward unfolding their greatest potential.

Whether you choose to participate in Karen’s popular The Parenting Edge classes or workshops, group coaching or private coaching, one thing is certain:  when you apply what you will learn, you will feel like you’ve been given the new parenting manual you should have received right alongside the receiving blanket at the hospital.  Instead of struggling to successfully raise a Generation Y teen, you will discover how to leverage parenting as a path to self-discovery and growth for yourself and your child, and to see the current challenges as “gifts and opportunities to grow”.


How Karen’s Experience and Qualifications Serve You:


Karen is no stranger to being a catalyst for change.  She has worked as a strategic change agent for education from inside the classroom, as a school administrator and then as the CEO of a county-wide dropout prevention organization before launching her successful private consulting, coaching, and training business in 2003.  She now teaches parents how to be the agents of change within their own families, and how to advocate for your child within the school system so that their unique strengths are valued and used as an educational asset to help them unfold their dreams, aspirations and the unique gift that only they can give to the world.


Karen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, and a double Masters degree in Educational Administration and in Psychology, preparing her for middle school teaching and administration where she spent the first decade of her career.  She also holds many certifications in the fields of hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and is a Certified Intervention Strategist with the Robbins-Madanes Training Institute, where she received her first coaching certification.  She teaches parenting courses, youth development workshops, and facilitates dropout prevention planning for communities nationwide.  However, she believes that her greatest education always comes from the youth and families with whom she works.  Those lessons serve as a guide for her work today.


On the Personal Side

Karen’s empathy for family dysfunction stems from living through the crisis of growing up with divorced and alcoholic parents.  While two of her siblings sought refuge from the family chaos by dropping out of school, Karen remained in school, and found solace and escaped by immersing herself in learning about the mind, consciousness, meditation and spiritual studies.  While the lessons of childhood were painful, it was the perfect and necessary training ground she needed to be able to dedicate her life to rescuing teens on the edge of risk and unveiling their natural resiliency while reconnecting them with family and a community of support.

Having survived the turbulent teens as a parent to two now happy and well-adjusted young adults, she enjoys being a grandparent to two delightfully intelligent and equally strong-willed grandchildren.  Often, when watching them, she is reminded, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and secretly looks forward to their teen years.  Karen resides with her husband, their dog, a cat, and random forest critters in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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