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Registration for the next The Parents Edge Online Bootcamp will begin in the Fall of 2012 . To receive more information about the course enter your name and email in the opt in box below to be put on the notification list for registration.  You will also be notified of free teleseminars/trainings when they become available.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions for this class:

What? – Parents Edge Online  Bootcamp: An 8 Week Online Teleseminar/Webinar coaching program giving you the skills to navigate sanely through the teen years.

The Parents Edge Online Bootcamp is an 8 Week Coaching Program web-based multi-media program designed to address the challenging behaviors of adolescents.  Using Human Needs Psychology as the basis to approach teen behavior, parents learn how to see teen behavior as a strategy to satisfy one or more of six basic human needs. Parents learn effective, evidence-based strategies to address the most common teen behavior issues. Parents teach their children how to become effective problem solvers, get their needs met in a positive proactive manner without using blame, anger, or defiance. The methods presented give remarkably swift, effective and lasting solutions to the problems challenging most families as teens navigate the passage of adolescence.

To learn more about the specific content:

Who? –Karen Rothstein, Strategic Interventionist and your teacher/mentor/coach.

Why? – The bottom line: To create harmony in the home and provide parents with quick effective tools for guiding their teens; The bigger vision: for all teens to become productive, responsible, contributing, confident contributors to society.

When? – Registration will start again in October of 2012 . Schedule of live calls forthcoming.

Where? – All Online! From the comfort of your home or office, you listen on the phone or computer and watch online. It’s your choice! We meet via Telelseminars and Webinars . Plus online mini videos, online study guides, parenting workbook (PDF), an interactive student area to chat with and support fellow parents. Plus audios of all classes.

How? – You’ll have a short window to resgister for the course.  Space is limited so register as soon as possible after registration is announced. . Each week you will get a phone number to call in on the Teleseminar/webinar  calls.  You can listen on the phone, or from your computer.  Your choice!

How much? – Stay tuned…. Details and registration link will be released in the fall of 2012  on this page. Enter  your name and email in the box below to be notified when the course opens.

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