Parenting 911


Is the stress from your strong-willed teenager interfering with your home life, or impacting your work?  Are your parenting efforts leaving you exhausted, weak, and for all your effort, nothing is changing in your child’s behavior?

Parenting 911:

A Six-Month Intervention Focused Coaching Program— $2,980.00

Raising a responsible tween/teen is not for wimps.  Things are rapidly changing.  We are raising children in a time when a piece of technology becomes obsolete as soon as it is the hands of the consumer because of the accelerated rate of technological change. Many of the challenges facing today’s youth were not even in existence when we were in our teens.

Studies show as parents we tend to parent how we were parented.  This new generation of youth requires a new way of parenting to guide them as they navigate a maze of constantly changing social and media environments, two key influences on teen behavior.

Teens today live in a media culture awash with messages far different than we received growing up.  You as a parent deal with situations your parents never had to face.

Questions like “Should I allow my teen to have a phone?” are now replaced with “How do I approach my teen about the potential consequences of instant messaging with “friends” they have never met?  What do I do when I find my teen is participating in sexting?”

When it comes to parenting a teen today, it is not a matter of if crises will arise, but a matter of when.  Few parents reach the other side of adolescence unscathed, if not by our teen’s own choices, then by a problem with the school or an issue with other teens.

This coaching program is designed for parents of teens who are starting to push the envelope, make poor choices, or disrupt the family with their irresponsibility, moodiness, or thoughtless behaviors.

With this program you will learn effective tools and skills to:

  • Strengthen your parenting skills and build a solid strategy for addressing attitudes that are causing stress in your family
  • Stop the behaviors that put your teen on the edge of risk and help them make responsible choices in the future with a quick 7 point plan.
  • Use a system that re-establishes parental control, opens communication, and immediately diffuses chaos into calm.
  • Understand the simple neuro science discoveries revealing the “why” behind your teen’s antics, and how your brain is hard-wired to react to their triggers ;learn strategies for diffusing your anger so you parent with calm.
  • Learn key phrases to help you stop argumentative behavior in its tracks while increasing cooperation from you tween or teen.
  • Identify consequences that help your teen face their wrong-doing so a problem behavior becomes an opportunity for growth and learning – without argument.
  • Create accountability and buy-in for improved grades, family harmony, and increased teen esteem.
  • Identify if there is a physical reason behind a behavioral change, or possible drug use and what to do about what you find.

Consultation services are usually by telephone, by prior appointment and subject to availability.

Fees payable in advance through PayPal or with VISA/MC.