Emergency Intervention Coaching Support


Emergency Intervention and Coaching Support

One-Time Emergency Intervention Support:   $300.00

Receive immediate intervention support in a 70 minute one-on-one, confidential strategy session designed to equip you to address an immediate concern or to address a specific problem behavior.

You will discover and learn tools to:

  • Regain and maintain control
  • Make effective consequences to change even the most challenging behaviors: skipping school, verbal abuse, physical abuse, lying, manipulation, or ignoring curfew
  • Stop the arguing, yelling and screaming
  • What to do when what you are doing isn’t working
  • Prepare for meetings with school personnel, SARB hearings, expulsion hearings or court appearances
  • Develop a plan of action for going forward

Sometimes all you need to get things back on the right track before they totally derail is some sage advice.  Karen is available to put her 25 years of experience working with difficult, challenging youth at-risk, in a variety of situations and settings, to work for you and help you create solutions to the immediate challenges you are facing today.

Consultation services are usually by telephone, by prior appointment and subject to availability.

Fees payable in advance through PayPal or with VISA/MC.