21st Century Parenting


Does your life with your tween or teen seem like one big roller coaster ride where you are unsure of what is over the next hump? Tired of wondering if you teen’s behavior is normal, or that your parenting is effective?

21st Century Parenting: New Times, New Teens, New Challenges

A Three-Month Prevention Focused Coaching Program — $1,950

What?  You didn’t get the manual for raising your teenager?   Learn what is normal teen behavior and limits testing verses behaviors that are warning signs and need to be addressed now, before they escalate into bigger problems.  Learn and master vital parenting skills that will promote responsible future choices while guiding teens to become happy, well adjusted, responsible adults.

This coaching and training program will guide you to:

  • Co-Parent your teen in a way that allows them to gain the independence they naturally strive to achieve.
  • Learn the one little word that gives you, the parent, all the leverage in the world and creates a “win-win” for you and your teen.
  • Know the warning signs that signal your teen is engaging in behaviors that put them on the edge of risk and the action you can take as a parent to pull them back.
  • Identify what is trendy dress verses dress that signals affiliation with gangs and how to tackle clothing differences.
  • Discover what you have in your own home that your teen could be using as a drug and what to do about it.
  • Internet savvy – your teen has it and what you need to know to keep up, and what to do if your teen is in cyber trouble.
  • Identify “normal adolescent behavior” verses a more serious issue.
  • Distinguish negotiable and nonnegotiable rules for your home and get your teen’s buy-in to observe and respect them.
  • Get your tween or teen back on track obeying the house rules even when they aren’t in your presence.
  • Address family factors – marital discord, financial issues, stressors from work – that are impacting your teen’s ability to be successful in school.
  • Learn a proactive approach to parenting that prevents many problems before they arise.
  • Tackle the tough issues – parenting with an ex spouse, poor school performance and attendance and behavior and address them in a way that helps your teen learn and grow while improving behavior, attendance, attitude, and grades.

Consultation services are usually by telephone, by prior appointment and subject to availability.

Fees payable in advance through PayPal or with VISA/MC.